Sunday, March 07, 2004

My sis and mom just called me. I tried calling them several times the last two days, but they were never there. My mom today during the twenty minutes today I didn't have my phone with me also. My sister has her spring break this week so they are going on a mission trip with our Congo church and the Methodist church in Eldora to Biloxi, Mississippi. They were in an RV just north of Cedar Rapids ane decided to call. I would probably be going with them if it was spring break here as well. Is it weird that my pastor asked, in the background, if I was naked as a joke? I am used to him saying things like that to me and others, but most people think it is strange. I can see why, but he is young, 29 I think, and he lives across the street from my parents and I worked as his secretary for a summer. It is hard to think of him as a pastor sometimes. He recorded the message on my parents answering machine and we think nothing of it. I know most parishioners see their pastor as a pastor and nothing else, especially Catholics. I think most of the congregation at our church isnt' like that. Corey is just another person to my family. He's a friend and a neighbor. Most people don't believe he is a pastor when they meet him. I have talked with my Catholic friends about our relationship with Corey and they just can't understand it.

Tacia and studied biochem for over 2 1/2 hours at the Java House tonight. I am soo sick of studying. I stared at my notes most of the day. It is definitely better studying with someone else instead of alone. I think my study break tomorrow will be laundry.

I have two exams next week , one Mon and one Tues, so I should probably get to bed . I hate going to sleep, yet I hate waking up. That doesn't really make sense does it ?

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