Sunday, May 30, 2004

We are done!!!!

Graduation was today and there are no more parties to go to. I didn't go to any parties today. Lexsea, Jeff and my mom and possibly Corey went. I don't really know these kids, so it is kinda weird to go to them. I did have to wear a dress to graduation though. I also wore high heels. I wore my sister's and she wore mine acutally. Mine were taller than her's so I didn't complain.

Corey thinks people in Eldora may think he and I are dating so we were thinking bout fueling those rumors today. We didn't actually do anything we discussed such as holding hands and making out. Corey, my mom and I have spent much of the weekend together going to these parties, and many people have seen us together. We thought someone was looking at us at one point trying to determine if we were. It probably didn't help that he and I kept talking about me taking care of his unit. We were actually referring to his beeper and walkie-talkie thing for the ambulance, but we called it his unit because it sounded bad. He said if anyone asked him about us he was going to say we were. Corey is going to be 31 on Tuesday and I need to remember to send him a card or something.

I have been trying to decided when I am going to do all the stuff I want to do this summer, and I just don't know. Today my aunt invited me to go along on their road trip. They are heading out to the west coast, which was on my list anyway for obvious reasons. This way it would be basically free for me and I would get to spend some time with them and Josh, if it all works our right. I used to spend a week with them during the summer, but haven't been able to since I started working at the lab. My problem is I need money and taking vacations doesn't earn me money. If I knew what I was going to be doing at the lab this summer, that would help too. I was planning on doing RAGBRAI this summer again, but I dont' really want to because I want the freedom to do other things. That wouldn't make my dad happy, especially since he has already paid for it. At least RAGBRAI would be cheaper without me there. He wouldnt' have to buy me food.

I obviously have too much time on my hands since I have written all these long boring posts the last few days. Maybe I will go back to IC early tomorrow so I can go to work even though I don't have to. I need moeny so desperately right now. My mom knows this and is being great about it. She is even willing to help me with plane tickets if I need it just so I can work at the lab. She asked me to come home to clean the house which meant I missed out on two days of work, and she has been worrying about it the whole weekend. Sometimes I hate money.

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