Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Okay, now for my crazy week. I went to North Bend, WA with Josh's parents and his great aunt Eleanor. We left on Friday and got there Monday afternoon. During the drive they kept trying to tell me stories about Josh, but to their disappointment he had already told me most of them. We loaded everything on Tuesday and left Wednesday morning. Josh and I beat everyone else to our destination all three days. It went pretty well. His mom hit a deer Thursday night and the air conditioning in Josh's truck died soon after we left Des Moines, but we had no other problems. His dad gave me a case of beer from Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company as a thank you for helping. I am drinking one now because Josh told me I had to have one on Tuesday nights because I have to drink at least half of it by myself and Tuesdays are the only nights I don't have TKD.

My dad's birthday was the 4th, but I still don't have a present for him. I think I am going to Ames to see him this weekend, so I better get him something. He has offered to help me purchase a new bed. I think I will get him a DVD or something because that is almost as good as a bed. I don't know if he has a TV or DVD player though. Maybe I will just get him a country CD to feed his new addiction. Or maybe I can find him a dragon to help decorate his new house. I am not sure I even know how to get to his house!!!

I played volleyball with Matt and his friends again tonight, and I am definitely going to feel it tomorrow. I was doing a lot of hitting tonight and my shoulder will not be happy tomorrow.

No Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight!!! I am confused, but at least we get Stephen Colbert to fill in. Also, there is going to be another Celebrity Poker Showdown tournament!! It is sad how much my life revolves around TV.

My beer has made me sleepy, which is good since I took two naps yesterday and then went to bed at 11:00. I am still kinda hungry though.


leahwipf said...

Beer makes me hungry. Is Mo Rocca still on the Daily Show? I love him :)

Chelsea said...

He sadly isn't. I love him too. It just makes me sleepy, not hungry. I actually usually makes me full.