Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My plan to start the cycling class this week hasn't happened. I may still try it, but it's not a priority. If they had more early morning classes I would be there, but the ones over lunch just don't work for me. I barely take a half hour for lunch on most days so I am having trouble working it into the daily routine. Instead of the class I have been going to Fitness West and running on the treadmill as well as the elliptical trainer. If I don't leave work early enough to go the tkd tonight I will probably head to the gym again. I plan to go every morning, but I know that's not going to happen. I figure if I plan to go every day I will make it more often than if I plan to go three times a week or somthing like that.

I also used the large exercise ball to do some sit-ups. I could only gt through about 25 before my abs were on fire. My chiropractor gave me several exercises to do on the ball as well. I think I may just buy one so I can do the stuff at home so when I fall off a gym full of people won't see me fall.

I have never been big on using the crockpot, mostly because I didn't have one, but now I am all for it. I made spicy BBQ beef sandwiches the other night and they turned out really well. I am trying to decide what to make next. I think I may try a soup or maybe another roast.

I think I need some coffee.


Amanda said...

If you want to use that dark writing, you're going to have to lighten up the background. This is hard to read.

So what's up with replacing TKD with this gym stuff? Are you getting bored?

Chelsea said...

Ok. It's easy to read on my computer, but I will see what I can do. Our monitor settings must be just enough different.

I have been going to tkd. I went last Wed and Fri. I didn't go Monday because I didn't get out of the lab until almost 6:00 and that might be the case again today. I am doing whole-mount immunohistochemistry. It's a week-long process with a long name that requires long days.

Amanda said...

You're right...this does look much better in Firefox. Stupid Explorer.

Chelsea said...

I like Firefox so much better.

So you finally got your internet working?

Amanda said...

Yeah, the reboot worked. For now.