Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My wrist feels better. I am not sure what brought it on or why it's going away. I iced it a little and didn't get a lot of knitting time in, but I can't imagine either helped that much. I didn't ride the bike last night because even driving my car to Fareway was painful.

Josh brewed a batch of amber last night and I grilled some burgers and chicken. I had perfect grill marks on the chicken. Josh complained that I left the burgers too pink in the middle. We ate the burgers so the chicken will be for salads tonight.

I was asked how many socks I have knit and I wasn't really sure so i am going to figure that out. I will just go with the ones for Summer of Socks since I think the only pair I have knit that doesn't count was my very first pair of socks.

1. 64-stitch Cable Twist
2. The Burrow Socks
3. Aurelie Socks
4. River Rapids
5. Upside Down Leyburn Socks
6. Charade

Lonely Socks:
1. Jaywalker

Socks in Progress:
1. Anastasia
2. Fawkes

I intend to have all of them done when SOS ends, but you never know. That means I need to finish almost 4 socks but September 21st. Ok, so that probably won't happen, but a girl can hope.

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