Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I decided my sister needed an apartment-warming gift since she is moving into her first apartment this fall. Obviously, I wanted it to be something small since she will most likely be moving after the fall semester is over and is taking as little as possible with her. I decided to get her my most favoritest kitchenest tool ever..est. I am not going to mention what it is since it's a secret, but those who know me may be able to guess. Anyway, while I was at the site I buy these things from I noticed they were having a sale. I couldn't resist checking it out. I know I don't have a job (yet, I hope that will change soon) after this Friday, but I saw the thing I have been in search of for months, a kitchen scale (ok, just to be pedantic it says "baker's scale").

I bought it, and I am ok with that. There have been so many times I skip over a recipe because the ingredients are listed by weight rather than volume. No more! I also want to be able to divide my sock yarn skeins so I can knit them two at a time because I feel so much more productive when I do it that way. It's a multi-tasker! It may become my new favoritest kitchenest tool ever.

I am a bit excited.


RadioactiveUnicorn said...

kitchen scales are the best things ever invented. I thought I lost mine for about 8 months, and I didn't know how I was going to survive. Luckily I found it a few weeks ago hidden in the cupboard, so I can breathe easier again. Phew!

Memaw's memories said...

I have been looking at baker's scales. So many of the recipes I find on these blogs need to be converted or weighed. If I had a scale, I wouldn't have to strain my poor brain to convert.

I usually just don't make a recipe rather than worry that it won't turn out if I convert wrong.