Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am quite enjoying my new job. The pay sucks (I should get a raise soon) and the work is labor intensive and requires me to be on my feet for 7-10 hours a night, but it is fun. I think it helps that my new boss is great and the extern from LCB, named Chelsey, is great to work with. She is essentially working under me, but we seem to have the same idea about what should be done when and it goes really smoothly. I am supposed to be in charge, but there is no need.

I got some really nice feedback from the new boss today. She said everything is turning out really well, i.e. no raw, burnt or falling apart cakes. She also said I may get another intern when this one leaves after next week. Another extern would be great since I don't think I can get all that is supposed to be done, especially for Tuesday and Wednesday. Today we were done about a half hour early and probably could have finished earlier than that if we hadn't had a few math and counting errors and tried to work a bit faster. The time there flies no matter how much we have going on.

The hours take some getting used to. I have been sleeping when Josh is at work so we still get to spend a good amount of time together, but sleeping during the day is just odd. I almost feel like this week has been one long day. It's weird and really hard to keep track of which day it is.

My car runs but Josh is still referring to it as a pop can since it kinda looks like someone stepped on my car. That will most likely be fixed early next week after the insurance adjuster takes a look at it. The battery was drained due to a light in the trunk that didn't turn off because my car's poor little trunk is rather dented. Josh was thinking and figured it out as we pulled into the local Auto Zone to check the alternator. We jumped my car, pulled out the light bulb in the trunk and so far so good.

I haven't really been knitting, cooking or baking, other than at work, so I have nothing much to share. Oh! I did make a some of this batter for quick breakfast muffins, which I encourage you all to try. I added some flax and have in the past used honey as a sweetener and added some more cereal to make up for the extra moisture. I am sure that will change once I get used to this new routine.


LotusKnits said...

Congrats on the job going well! You'll get used to the new routine pretty soon.

Dragonfly said...

it sounds like everything is going great. And you'll get back into your hobbies after you settle into the new routine, I'm sure.